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I wish I was 18

People are sick. Just totally sick. I don't know what's wrong with my state. No one I know supported that stupid proposition. Even my school didn't and they're all religious and Christian and everything. I swear, we're going to see a 'marriage is between a human man and a human woman' thingy at some point.

I'm so ashamed to be from California right now. My own state doesn't want me. Ugh.
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Oh honey, I know, I'm with you. It's unconscionable.
It's just not fair! I don't want anything to do with their relationships. How come they have to get into other peoples?
I could name any number of excuses, but that's all they are, excuses. There's really no reason :(
The reason is that they're all pigheaded bigots who are afraid that the big bad homos are going to turn their kids into gays.
Pretty much, yeah. It's contagious, you know.
Not so far despite my best efforts.
You'll be old enough to vote in 2012! That's something to look forward to, right?
Sure, if there's any reason left to vote in 2012. I already can't get married. Maybe I'll get to vote to keep my right to have kids.
Well, they could have the same sort of thing up for vote next time, and you could vote on it then. Just because people voted this way now, it doesn't mean it will always be that way.
They amended the constitution. I think they're pretty serious about it.
Well, yeah, I'm not saying they're not serious about it, but that doesn't mean it will stick forever. Other laws were made that aren't around anymore.
That's easy to say when you're not the one being oppressed.
This. And you'd think that as mutants, we'd all be on the same page.
The idea of not having someone to look down on is simply too frightening a concept for many people to live with.
It's hateful. Nothing but stupid people who can't get anything in life without being scared someone else will take it away.
We've never met, I'm Bishop. I wanted to tell you that I'm very sorry about this proposition and the effect it's having.

It was only forty years ago that interracial marriages were even allowed nationally. This had a big effect on my family. Things change far too slow and there's nothing acceptable or comforting about it. I'm in the mansion for a few more days if I can do anything.
Can you convince 506,414 people they're evil and wrong? That would help.

I'm Karolina, by the way. Nice to meet you.
Well, eventually some of those folks are gonna die, and not vote anymore. I saw on... I forget what, maybe CNN, that the vote was really generational and so it was passed by basically a lot of old religious people.
I'd like to. I'd like to have several times in the past too.

It's nice to meet you too.
I'm so sorry Kare. That's just completely unfair.

But I mean you can always have your marriage some place cool like South Africa or the Netherlands and then move to New York. New York loves you Kare
Thanks, Callie. I'm just really disappointed in people right now.
I know. I mean I can't like completely understand, but it's still really not cool.

But I mean there is a bright side! There are entire countries that allow same-sex marriage, and others that at least allow unions right? And there are still two states. And Vermont would be another one, except our constitution is weird or something. I don't know.

Before 7 years ago there was no inkling that any of this would be even possible really. And now. Ya I mean there are huge pitfalls, but you can't lose hope. If you let them defeat you then they won right?

Or we can always move to the Netherlands! I love that place. It's so pretty.
Canada's closer. And you get nice polite Canadian's who you can corrupt with your debauched American ways. (Or is that just me?)