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Good news for once. The parents are going to make it to the show.

If the show happens, given the curse and all.
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At least you all aren't doing Macbeth.
No but someone had the bright idea to name drop the Scottish play in the theater. Bad luck's plagued us ever since.
There is no such the thing as curses. The play will be fine.
It's kind of tragic how wrong and disrespectful you are.
Good news for once; I am glad to hear it.

Do I get to meet them, or would that be simply too embarrassing for words?
Sure, you can meet them. Just, uh, don't mind my mom if she asks for an autograph, okay?
Hmm. I do not suppose that borrowing a monocle and a fake mustache from wardrobe would fool anyone, would it?
Oh my gosh that's so cool!

When are they coming?
I'm going to call Mr. R. I think they'll make it in time for final dress which is really better than opening night. They sort of have a tendency to...um, get attention and that's not fair when we've all worked so hard.
Ya. They probably want to just see the show, not get accosted by everyone and their dog.

Good thinking.

I'll make sure to rest my voice now.
~Translated from Japanese~

I'm glad you're glad they can come, and that they can come.

I don't know what's going to happen with everything that's gone wrong, but I hope it will go ok. Nothing else is allowed to go wrong with the lights; I will not let it.

~Translated from Japanese~